2017 HBAG BEAM Award

​Builders Engaging Associate Members (BEAM) Award

*Stay tuned for details regarding the next HBAG BEAM Award.

2017 HBAG BEAM Award Recipient
Jim Chapman, Jim Chapman Communities

Congratulations to Jim Chapman, the recipient of the 2017 Home Builders Association of Georgia (HBAG) BEAM Award.Every year, HBAG bestows the BEAM (Builders Engaging Associate Members) Award on one builder or local entity that best exemplifies the motto, “It’s good business to do business with a member.” At the 2017 HBAG Fall Membership Conference, Jim Chapman, president of Jim Chapman Communities, the Atlanta home builder who specializes in luxury and 55+ communities throughout the metro area, was honored for his support of other HBAG members. “This award serves to encourage builder members to use the goods and services offered by member companies. HBAG is proud to recognize this vitally important teamwork,” says Heather Bounds, Associate VP of HBAG.

“Whenever I can, I am eager to do business with another HBAG member. It is important to support and elevate other Georgia companies,” says Chapman. “I applaud the HBAG’s mission and its objective to grow the home building industry throughout metro Atlanta and Georgia.”
State winners are selected to compete for the national BEAM Award that is presented at the NAHB’s International Builders’ Show in January 2018. Jim has been nominated to compete at the national level. Stay tuned to hear who the national recipient is for the 2017 BEAM Award!

The BEAM (Builders Engaging Associate Members) Award is bestowed on one builder or one local entity that best exemplifies the motto, “It’s good business to do business with a member.” This award serves to encourage builder members to use the goods and services offered by member companies and to recognize the builder or local entity that exemplifies this vitally important teamwork. The winner of the state award will go on to compete at NAHB.

Nominations are due to HBAG by 
August 11, 2017. The HBAG winner will be announced at the HBAG Fall Membership Conference in Asheville, N.C. on September 14th. The state winner will then be submitted by HBAG to compete at NAHB. The winner of the NAHB BEAM award will be announced at the Associates’ Awards Breakfast during the International Builders’ Show (IBS).  

The winner is selected based on the following:

  • Local Association Activity – 10%
  • State Association Activity – 10%
  • Community Project – 20%
  • Builder Evaluation forms – 60% 

The final decision is not based solely on the greatest percentage of associate members you use, but also on your relationship with those associates. Therefore, every builder in good standing with HBAG, whether large or small, has an equal opportunity to become the proud recipient of the prestigious BEAM Award.

How to Complete the Application

  • Fill in all areas of the application that apply to your business activities, including the local, state and national association activity sections.
  • Please go to the BEAM Award Trade (Subcontractor/Supplier) List and submit the name of the HBA member who is your subcontractor or supplier for the particular trade listed.
    • These names should be members your company has done business with from June 1, 2015 through June 1, 2016.
    • Keep in mind that a subcontractor is not necessarily the supplier. Whether you directly purchase the materials or have the subcontractor purchase them, the supplier will qualify for your overall percentage if it is an associate member.
    • Each Associate member you identify on the attached form will be sent an evaluation form to complete, rating your relationship based on loyalty, ethics, trust, communication and consideration. The rating will be on a scale of 1 to 10 and specific criteria will be given for each area. All responses to the evaluation are held in strictest confidence. Be sure to notify the Associate members you identify that they will be receiving a Builder Evaluation Form from HBAG. If you are not selected as your state finalist the associate members you listed will not get the evaluations forms.
  • Include a 5×7 head-and-shoulder photo of yourself.

 Thank you and good luck!