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B-PAC Frequently Asked Questions



§         What is B-PAC?

o       The Builders Political Action Committee (B-PAC) is a voluntary non-profit action organization affiliated with the Home Builders Association of Georgia.


§         What is the purpose of B-PAC?

o       The primary purpose of B-PAC is to aid, through campaign contributions, those candidates who support the goals of the home building industry.


§         Who may join B-PAC?

o       Membership is voluntary and is open to members in good standing of the HBAG and other related industries or concerned persons who contribute a minimum of $25 in a calendar year.  Nothing shall preclude additional contributions, or contributions made at special fundraising events.


§         Who manages B-PAC?

o       B-PAC is managed by its policies determined by a Board of Trustees, which is comprised of leaders of the Home Builders Association of Georgia and representatives from the participating local associations.  The Board of Trustees meet 3 times a year at the HBAG Board of Directors meetings or in called meetings as needed.


§         How are funds raised for B-PAC?

o       The majority of the funds collected for B-PAC come from local HBA member contributions.  Most HBAs participate in HBAG’s voluntary Dues Check-Off program.  When a new member joins the local association or a current member submits his renewal payment, they may choose to include an additional $25 to go toward B-PAC.  Funds are also raised through the Annual B-PAC Golf Outing and Bonanza Drawing normally held during the HBAG Spring Board and Meeting of the Membership.


§         How are B-PAC funds disbursed and allocated?

o       Funds are only disbursed when a local Trustee requests them by submitting a B-PAC Contribution Request Form or by vote of the Board of Trustees.  Seventy percent (70%) of a local HBA’s contributions to B-PAC may be used by their association for contributions to candidates from within their geographical areas.  These funds may be used for statewide races provided the Board of Trustees approves the contribution.  Any request by a local association must be submitted by their locally appointed B-PAC trustee.  Each association should determine their own method of authorizing B-PAC contributions.  Thirty percent (30%) of all local HBA contributions to B-PAC are used at the sole discretion of the B-PAC Board of Trustees.  Local funds up to $500, when requested by the local Trustee for city and county elections, may be approved by the Chairman and Vice Chairman, provided that local money is available.


§         What is the difference between B-PAC and BUILD-PAC?

o       BUILD-PAC is B-PAC’s national counterpart.  Administered through the National Association of Home Builders, BUILD-PAC supports the most qualified, pro-housing, free enterprise candidates for federal office.  BUILD-PAC consistently ranks among the top five PACs for trade organizations.

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